QUALITY WC is a welding rod based tungsten carbide. This product is applied trough the oxy acetylene welding process.

QUALITY WC is especially designed to wear protection of surfaces wich are exposed to most severe wear abrasion. Its gives resistance to severe abrasion as well as hardness properties (64 HRc) on the base metal.

QUALITY WC helps to keep low repair costs since the oxy acetylene welding process increases the service life of the tool or recharged surface.

QUALITY WC can be applied on almost every metal surface exposed to severe wear.

In the agricultural field, QUALITY WC is used for the hardfacing welding process to wear resistance on augers, sweeps, alabamas, furrowers, point cultivators, knives, blades, cutting blades and every underground tillage tools.

In the agroindustrial sector CROMO 1000 is used for the hardfacing of metal plates wich are placed in the surfaces exposed to excessive wear.

Thank to zero iron dilution, the metal base does not lose its properties, so it can maintain the surface properties and as the add hardness and abrasion resistance. This feature is ideal to obtain the best results in hardfacing.

If you want to learn the method of application, see the product application guide.


QUALITY WC 4.0 mm x 500mm             Packing By 5Kg.
QUALITY WC 7.2 mm x 500mm             Packing By 5Kg.


Application, Oxy acetylene welding process
Hardness, 62/65 HRc
Abrasion Resistence, Exelent
Impact Resistence, Good
Corrosion Resistence, Good
Red Hardness, Good up to 900°c
Strees Crack Relief, Yes
Specifications, ASME / AWS ERCWC3-40/200
Machinability, with abrasives
Welding Alloy, Carbon / Tungsteno / Cromo / Mn / Si / Fe

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